Honda Civic Type R: Turbo meets VTEC perfection

Stay Honda. Hustle Hard. Meet the turbo-powered 2018 Honda Civic Type R. Under massive bonnet vent exists 228Ww and 400Nm which equates to a 100kph in just 5.7 seconds from a standstill, before topping out at 270kph. But none of this gives an indication of what it’s really like when the tarmac turns into spaghetti. Nor do those figures convey the sheer powers of teleportation of the thing. Spot a gap, envision yourself in it, and you’re there.

Thank you for watching another episode of Other People’s Cars by PandaBomb Productions.

Writing, cinematography and edit by Calvin Fisher
Camera Two: Danian Koen
Drone pilot: Clinton Herring

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