The Porsche Cayman GT4 is an analogue warrior

Calvin couldn’t believe his luck when handed the keys to a true future classic, the flat-six powered Cayman GT4. But driving it wasn’t enough, with a car that appeals to your creative side as much as your viscera

Let’s talk numbers real quick. Here lives a naturally aspirated flat-six, 4.0l engine – classic Porsche layout. It sends its 309kw and 420Nm to just two wheels, the rears, via a six-speed manual box. It will do the trot from zero to hundred in just 4.4 seconds and if you’re thinking hey, there are quicker AWD turbo hatchbacks then you’re really missing the point. In a world of boosted abominations that desensitize their drivers, this is a jagged pill with a sonorous 8000 rev limit. The winding roads were summoning us, and who was I not to oblige.

I’m a fortunate son of a gun, the perfect driver’s implement at my command and then there’s the fact that I live ten minutes from Helshoogte pass and that it’s a hop, skip and rev to the next mountain pass and the next. I dispatched a full tank of unleaded on a 300km round trip that gave me all the opportunity I needed to properly stretch the Cayman GT4’s legs – and can report a scythe-like steering that’s full of flavour, a suspension that endows it with gecko-like grip and a wickedly flat demeanour that won’t snap your spine either. Yet, even more so than the telepathic controls and acceleration (you see a gap, you’re in the gap), it’s defining feature for me was the glorious, glorious noise. Thankfully, rear-wheel drive, natural aspiration and a manual-transmission will remain the domains of Porsche GT cars.

When faced with the prospect of four days with the Porsche Cayman GT4, I felt this heavy desire to immortalize it in stills. My reasons were twofold. Firstly, words are easily lost on the internet and videos are dime a dozen. But a photograph, or better still a series of photos, that had serious potential for longevity. And that’s precisely what the GT4 deserves because secondly, it’s a rare breed in 2020. A fully analogue weapon – no turbo or superchargers, the driver instead has a large four-litre flat-six heart to call upon from under that bonnet. It sends its copious payload to the rear wheels exclusively, and via a six-speed manual transmission leaving the swapping of cogs to its driver. Which means you’re in full control of that flat-six soundtrack, a glorious prospect indeed. In a world gone digital, we appreciate the traditional, and moreover the visceral. This shoot is meant to reflect this hence the familiar apocalyptic theme – I describe it as economically as I can as ‘Tom Ford meets Mad Max’. Enter my nephew and model, Thorne Fisher to provide the fleshy counterpart to the GT4’s heavy metal. Hope you enjoy it.

4l flat-6, 309kW/420Nm, 6-speed manual, 0-100 in 4.4 seconds, R1,719,000


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