STREET FIGHTER: Cape Town’s Kanjozoku Honda EK4

Meet Venodh. Now meet Venodh’s Honda Ballads saloon, an EK4 Civic really, aggressively reverted to its Nippon origins. People throw around the term JDM like its an easy enough ethos to achieve, but it goes beyond yellow indicators and a minimalistic OEM approach to styling. And when it comes to the Japanese way of doing things, few are as hard-core as the Kanjozoku, Osaka and Tokyo’s infamous ‘highway-racers’. Capetonian, Venodh Nadasen has taken inspiration from these overtly JDM delinquents in his quest to build what can almost be described as a tribute to them and their cause, a sharp-as-a-tack Civic saloon that has traded many mod-cons in favour of a raw, visceral track-ready machine. Loud of exhaust, scythe-like of steering and throttle response, make no mistake it’s not for dicing, it’s not for street racing on any sort, Venodh knows the value of a track like Cape Town’s Killarney circuit. “You’ll see me there at every track day this year, just watch.”

The shopping list is extensive, including a 1800 sub assembly, Type R camshafts in the VTEC cylinder head and KONI suspension components. But it isn’t about the build itself, is it? And besides, watch the video already!

P.S: If you’ve got a stanced-out Civic, you might want to ask yourself, “Kanjo Honda so maak?” Geddit? It’s Afrikaans… never mind. And on that note, keep tuning in, keep watching for some stance, bagged, boosted and more of South Africa’s Coolest Whips.

Please note, this is merely a driving impression, not a road-test. Laws are taken into consideration, as are our fellow road users. We do not wish to condone or glorify street racing. If you’d like to see me do a proper performance review on our local Killarney race circuit, just say so. Other People’s Cars is considering doing a Best Motoring style evaluation of tuner cars down the line. Is this something you’d like to see, or participate in?

**And on a less serious note, seriously this thing screams at 70kph as long as you’re north of 5500rpm – promise!


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