Driven: Renault Kadjar XP 1.2 Turbo

It’s a limited edition. But no range-topper.

The new XP… for Xylophone Player? Sadly no. How about Xtra Points? That’s silly, but a bit closer to the point. If you’re a gamer (and I am) then you’ll associate XP with experience points, and that’s precisely what Renault had in mind with the new sticker on their Kadjar. And that’s as far as that comparison can be carried I’m afraid, and that’s okay because the XP is almost certainly the Kadjar to buy.

Here’s why – at R364,900, essentially the price of last year’s car you now get a raft of gear for no extra cost. That’s a tow bar, sturdy side-sills, detachable roof racks, cornering fog lamps and 17” inch alloys where there used to be 16s. That’s R40,000 of extra gear. And again, this isn’t a range topper, rather a close to the bottom rung entrant in the Kadjar range. Under the bonnet you get a turbocharged 1.2 litre engine that is capable of 96kW which does an impressive task of hauling the Nissan Qashqai-alike compact SUV. But perhaps the most interesting thing revealed at the Kadjar launch was the fact that you can now get to grips with one online in a virtual showroom where a technician will walk you through every aspect of the car.

Check it out here;

The Kadjar Diesel then – good to drive and great to behold, a reasonably attractive prospect in a segment that is quite honestly blistering with talent. I cannot stress enough how hotly-contested the SUV segment has become and already the Kadjar must fend off its Nissan siblings, and yes those pesky Koreans. I refer of course to the all-new Hyundai Tucson which is competitively priced and rides like a warmed over hatchback , plus it’s looming Kia twin in the new Sportage. Up against that sort of competition alone, the task of the Kadjar seems insurmountable, but if the relative success of the Captur is anything to go by there’s great demand for this plucky European band.

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