Driven: Audi TT RS

From Ingolstadt with love, I present a lucid green Audi TT RS Coupe.

Bold statement imminent but “nevermind the Audi R8 Spyder”. Just one week after I had the German supercar, I reviewed and tested the smaller Audi TT RS and that managed to feel about as special inside. Yet somehow attracted far more attention. Plus, it’s almost as quick as the R8 in the real world, is a bit more practical and even has a tiny second row of seats. But in truth, I’d attribute It’s attention-seeking nature to the searing green paint job it comes with.

Make no mistake, the R8 deserves its sticker price at almost three times that of the fiercest TT. This isn’t a declaration of war, only mild mutiny. Armed with five cylinders (versus eight in the supercar), the TT RS manages to output a whopping 294kW amd 480Nm, is good for a 0-100kph sprint in just 3.7 seconds and will max out at 250kph. Cast off its electronic limiter and it will properly chase the R8 to a max speed of 280kph before that car ultimately pulls away. Comparing them is folly, but there’s no denying that the pairing of a turbocharged five-cylinder 2.5l engine and seven-speed S Tronic is a match made in automotive heaven. Both cars deploy Quattro AWD grip, both chase the horizon as hard as the redline but there’s a chasm in their prices, R1,07mil here versus the Spyder price of R3,6mil. At a third of the price, but nine tenths of the performance, the TT RS won’t let the R8 bully it into submission.

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