We are Car People

We’re car people. I don’t mean we live in our cars, I mean we thrive in them. My boys certainly grew up in them. And my wife and I met each other driving them. Road trips. Adventures. And I don’t mean we’re horsepower and quarter-mile times people, either. Ok, maybe a little. But we love the open road. We love the food stops, the camping trips, driving all day from orange sunrises, right through to purple sunsets. We love to blast our music. Eat our snacks. Take photos. And make memories. So it’s hard for us right now. Lockdown means being housebound. Yes, It means Netflix and YouTube, but it still means snacks, looking at old photos and making different kinds of memories. It means reminiscing about the times we could hit the road and just cross the spine of our beloved country. And it gives me time to plan our next epic drive. Because We’re car people. And when the world goes back to normal we’ll still be car people.

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