Top five podcasts to listen to while driving

If you haven’t joined the millions of people around the world listening to podcasts – where have you been? Podcasts can turn any mundane activity, like driving, into something entertaining. And in our new hyper-busy way of living where doing just one task seems laughable, a podcast is the perfect accompaniment to a drive to the store or when you’re hitting the long road. Read on for the top five podcasts to listen to on your journey – there’s something for every type of person in your family.

For the car lovers
If you’re here, then of course you’re interested in cars. For a funny and very entertaining drive, be sure to listen to NPR’s The Best of Car Talk. In this podcast, your hosts are auto mechanics who take calls from car owners across the USA and assist them with any problems they may be having with their vehicles. That might sound like nothing special, but it’s a banter-filled podcast filled with many laughs as the hosts give humourous answers and solutions to the situations that their callers find themselves in. You don’t even need to be a car lover to enjoy this one.

For the pop culture fanatics 
Keen on staying up to date on the latest in pop culture? Then you will love local podcast What’s IGN Crushing On. This weekly podcast is hosted by entertainment journalist Caryn Welby-Solomon and IGN Africa about pop culture, and entertainment. Every episode has a different guest who chats about what they’re currently crushing on, and recent guests include the cast of the new Netflix drama Fate: The Winx Saga, award-winning film-make Amy Jephta and radio personality Sibongile Mafu. Caryn’s bubbly personality and chemistry between her guests make it a fun listen, and will have you tuning in week after week for the latest entertainment scoop!

For the women of colour 
The recently launched Brown Girl’s Guide podcast is the perfect listen if you are a coloured woman, or woman of colour in South Africa. Jam-packed with tips and tools on managing life, your hosts, both coloured women from Cape Town, chat about all the things they wish they knew growing up, things they wish they had access to and the road that life has taken them on. They tackle fun topics like things you need to know when moving out for the first time, and more serious issues like misogyny in POC communities and coloured accents in the workplace. Each weekly episode is around 15 minutes, making it a great podcast for trips to the store or drives to work – if you have a short commute.

For the true crime lovers
In the last few years, true crime podcasts have blown up across the world, with millions tuning in to their favourite shows every week. Whether you’re driving alone (hopefully not at night) or cruising with a few friends, give My Favorite Murder a listen to get your dose of true crime and comedy. Hosts Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgarrif have become a cult favourite among true crime lovers the world over. A little less scary and serious than the traditional crime podcasts, they provide a humane approach to each story and centre victims instead of the perpetrators of the crime. A bonus is their lengthy intros where they discuss everything from what their pets are up to, which shows they’re binging and tips on managing mental health.

For the angsty millennials
If you are one of many millennials who are facing a little bit of angst around getting older, becoming successful and just generally being a good person, tune into acclaimed American professor Brene Brown’s podcast Unlocking Us. True to its name, the aim of this podcast is to provide anyone who listens with practical ways to improve themselves and unlock their true potential. In addition to her helpful insight in how to better yourself and let go of past anxieties, she brings along guests to further expand on topics like anti-racism, parenting, addiction, healing and walking away from old beliefs that no longer serve you, or even harm you. Each episode is around an hour long, making this perfect for when you’re stuck in rush hour traffic and need a calming voice to help you get home, or if you’re just taking a drive to clear your head.

Podcasts have shown no sign of slowing down, so be sure to stay on the lookout for ones that suit your taste – you will more than likely find more than one – making car rides more fun than they were before. The best part is that there are a host of up and coming local podcasts gathering momentum. So be sure to expect an updated list later this year.

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