The new Porsche Panamera is here

And it is good.

I remember being at the launch of the original Panamera just about a decade ago. The styling wasn’t quite there at the start, but with each succession, the German marque has really refined that notchy silhouette, now delivering a truly svelte saloon and estate wagon. Looks to match the athleticism, a Porsche hallmark. See, what was never in question was the performance – and the new car certainly won’t give you a reason to doubt Porsche’s conviction here. The new 463kW Turbo S, for example, will launch from zero to hundred in just 3.1 seconds thanks to a barrel-chested four-litre V8 biturbo engine. It conquered the Green Hell with a blistering 7.29.81min lap time, does a max speed of 315kph and boasts the tippy top of the marque’s suspension technology for physics-baiting handling.

The 4S E-Hybrid boasts an equally impressive 412kW – a combination of 100kW from the electric motor and 324kW from the 2.9 litre V6. Yes, I know those numbers don’t add up but, science. It’ll do the 0-100kph dance in 3.7 seconds, max out at 298kph and crucially – has an EV-only range of 54km. Who needs a Taycan? Jokes. I do. Then there’s the Panamera GTS – now with 353kW and 620Nm from its biturbo V8, 15kW more than its predecessor and now standard with sports exhaust. Completing the lineup we get the boggo Panamera and the 4 – both with the 2.9l V6 biturbo good for 243kW and 450Nm or, agreeable luxury limo numbers.

The new cars are available to order right now and will be in dealerships in the middle of October. In Germany, prices start at 91,345 euros for the rear-wheel-drive Panamera but there’s little chance of that making its way to Mzansi. All other models come with AWD priced 95,289 euros for the Panamera 4, from 126,841 euros for the Panamera 4S E-Hybrid, from 136,933 euros for the Panamera GTS and from 179,737 euros for the Panamera Turbo S. Local pricing to be confirmed.

Or watch the YouTube premiere HERE:

2021 Porsche Panamera

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