Most powerful AMG. EVER

Mercedes-AMG just unveiled the GT Black Series – a 4,0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 featuring a flat-plane crank and dry sump lubrication to help it deliver a 537kW/800Nm payload. I repeat. She stats make it the most powerful AMG ever made for public consumption. Ain’t it great?

What’s it good for?
Well, Mercedes-AMG are claiming that the GT Black Series can burst from 0 to 100kph in a staggering 3.2 seconds, on to 200 kph in 8.9 seconds before ultimately topping out at 325kph. And that’s just mega. It does this by throwing every trick in Affalterbach’s very large book of performance enhancers including transmission, braking, aero, suspension and of course engine.

Did someone say flat crank?
There are two types of V8 engines: the ‘cross plane’ where the crankpins of the four pairs of cylinders are at right angles to each other – typically AMG. Then there’s the ‘flat crankshaft’ favored by supercars such as the Ferrari 488. Here all crankpins are on the same plane with a 180-degree offset (‘flat plane’) – and as a sad result you lose that rumble AMG soundtrack but you gain a more exotic exhaust note and hey, 3.2 seconds means you get exotic performance too.

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