Enter the Nelson Makamo Porsche 911

Porsche SA partners with local artist, Nelson Makamo to create an automotive art icon

As a man who was once a boy from the Cape Flats, I’m a sucker for inspirational stuff like this. Porsche SA just partnered with local artist, Nelson Makamo and it’s a story we’ve seen before. A feel-good tale of someone who had little, and in a bold act of transcendence through artistry having their work featured on the cover of TIME Magazine.

In a typical example of ‘game recognising game’, Nelson pursued a different kind of icon, a metallic black 911 Carrera Coupe which he immediately set about transforming into an artwork itself. It’s been dubbed with great affection as “My Life in Motion” by the Limpopo-born artist. A man who as a young boy built wire toy cars. Have a look at these beautiful brush strokes, lacquer coated and assembled at Porsche Centre JHB, and tell me they don’t suit the teardrop profile of the 911.

Toby Venter, CEO of Porsche South Africa, says the project has provided great motivation: “Working with Nelson has been inspirational and this commission is on a level we’ve never seen before. This is a truly bespoke art installation worthy of any gallery.” Talk about a passion shared.

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