Driven: Kia Pegas 1.4 EX manual

Kia are giving the consumer the ‘space to move’ with their latest car, the Pegas. It’s a sedan. Yes, in an era of SUVs and crossovers, here be a booted saloon.

Albeit a tiny one, a direct rival in fact to the likes of the Honda Amaze and Suzuki Dzire. To which I say, neither car stir any good emotions hither. It also plays against the likes of the VW Polo sedan and Ford Figo 4-door sedan and this makes more sense. But before I gush over the Pegas which I now, after driving it for 100km or so, quite like, let me just say the following. No matter how many fancy bar graphs you present me with, I’m never going to accept that these tiny sedans are not here to mostly service the private taxi ala Uber and Bolt type services, fleets in general and that includes The Government. And that’s fine by me, it’s just that the Zeitgeist dictates that private buyers want the SUV lifestyle, and for R10,000 more Kia makes the brilliant Sonet. I’m just saying. Now, where was I?

Ah yes, now that I’ve driven it, the Pegas is quite all right. I enunciate it as Kia ‘Big-Ass’, more than ‘Peg-uhs’ which is how I think they want me to pronounce the name. But it does have a big ass, capable of swallowing a class-leading 475 litres of things. At 4.3m long, it’s much larger than the Amaze and Dzire (these names hey?) with a long wheelbase comparable to the Ford and VW so copious legroom fore and aft.

Standard features include automatic lights, electric windows, 14″ inch alloy wheels, cruise control, fog lights, and a reverse camera with PDC. Then there’s the 7″ inch touchscreen with Android Auto and Apple Carplay, steering wheel controls, artificial leather trim on the seats and real cowhide ensconcing the helm. There’s also an armrest if you’re lazy and disc brakes all around if safety is like, a thing for you. Which, it better bloody be, in which case the Pegas won’t disappoint.

My R236k test car was the EX 1.4Mpi, 5-speed manual (there’s a 4-speed auto option for R15k more) with 69kW and 132Nm and a top speed of 170kph. There’s also an LX model beneath it for R11k less but it loses the leathery bits as well as the fog lamps. And look, any one of these offers a compelling, attractive Kia experience. Just you know, with a boot.

Kia Pegas LX R225,995
Kia Pegas EX R236,995
Kia Pegas EX auto R251,995
Warranty with roadside assistance 5yr/unlimited km, service Plan 4yr/60,000km

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