2021 Bentley Bentayga

I’ve just sat through a live press conference, the launch of the new Bentley Bentayga – but on my laptop computer. I’m not a fan of this new normal, but I am a fan of the hyper luxury SUV and the segment it gave birth to.

The event was hosted by Vicky Butler Henderson off Fifth Gear and featured well dressed British blokes and a shiny pair of new Bentaygas. As someone who spent a glorious day last year barrelling around the Western Cape in the ‘old car’ of which they sold 20,000 units, the stylistic differences were immediately apparent. I refer to crystal-cut oval headlamps, a longer (and 30mm higher) bonnet making for a more bluff frontend. There’s also a heavily restyled back – a great improvement with wraparound almost saloon-like, wider, elliptical surfaces. The rear spoiler has been resculpted making it longer and further aids aerodynamics. The stance has been broadened – now 10mm wider at each end, clue to the formidable hearts ala 4.0l V8, 12-cylinder and the hybrid due in 2021. These are mated to an enhanced 4wd system for a faster, more athletic Bentayga.

The interior is gorgeous with a dashboard that has gone fully digital in part thanks to a new touchscreen 10.3 inch digital display. Also present are diamond polished door cards, new crown-cut walnut veneers, kilted seats with micro piping and more. Then there’s the increased legroom (especially in the four-seater) for a more limo-like experience than ever before. Rear occupants get enhanced connectivity thanks to 5-inch tablets whilst upfront the driver benefits from an embedded sim. He or she also enjoys a new head-up display so you don’t have to take your eyes off the quickly advancing horizon. The new car goes on sale in Europe from next week.

Check out this video of my time in the previous Bentayga

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