Fresh metal: Porsche 911 50Y Targa

I’m a well-documented lover of the Porsche brand, and one cannot claim to be so, unless one is also obsessed with the slippery 911. And whilst the GT cars typically reside at the tippy top of desirability, I personally find the Targa at the pinnacle. That retro aesthetic gets me biting the back of my hand, so imagine my glee at the sight of this, the 50Y. Porsche is celebrating 50 years of design with just 750 of these special editions, based upon the Targa 4 GTS. So it has brawn to match that amazing appearance, specifically 353kW and 570Nm from its turbocharged 3.0l flat-six engine. Are you the selfish type that won’t let the eight-speed PDK ‘box change gears on your behalf? Then opt for the seven-speed manual and have it your way.

Littered throughout you’ll encounter ‘Porsche Design 50th Anniversary Edition’ badges, plus stylistic choices such as a Targa bar painted in (satin finish) Platinum. The seats’ centre panels have a classic check pattern in Black and Cool Grey, and then there’s the silver ‘911’ badge paired with a limited edition number on the dashboard trim plus the ‘F.A. Porsche’ signature – just in case it wasn’t collectible enough? Want. One.

Pricing: R2,949,000 – 911 50Y Porsche Design Targa including a 3 year/100 000 Driveplan.

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