Driven: BMW X5 M Competition

Meet the BMW X5 M Competition. It’s the daddy. The absolute. Daddy 

Watch the video here:

What is it?

Besides being the biggest SUV BMW produces this side of an X7, it’s the genesis of the BMW off-road range. Also, this one makes more power and torque than pretty much every X5 ever made. Ever. And then there’s the M badge. A mark of surpreme performance, especially when combined with the word Competition. And that’s precisely what you’ll find on this cars big blue bum. In each of its pumped up arches lives massive 21 inch alloy wheels and if that isn’t a clue into its perfomance then I don’t know what is. The M and Competition badges conspire to create a super Sports Utility with the same biturbo 4.4litre V8 heart of the M5 and M8. And nobody complains about their performance, thanks to 460killer watts and 750Nm.

BMW X5 M Competition

How does it grrrr?

Here, it certainly feels mighty – making its 2.4ton body weight feel substantially less, especially in Sport Mode where everything tightens up. Handling firms up,  the steering gets loaded with flavour and the big M’s throttle response goes razor sharp. Which is why I brought it here to one of my favorite driving roads – Clarence Drive in Gordon’s Bay. Why? To really let it loose. It’ll do zero to hundred in just 3.8 seconds, max out at 290kph and while these numbers are madly impressive, being this high off the road surface means it can’t quite engage as much as its low slung siblings, there’s no substitute for rapid progress and a booming exhaust note.


Look. The BMW X5 M Competition isn’t cheap at R2.4mil but it IS fully loaded with climate control, a supple cabin and toys and connectivity galore. It’s also brash, bold and quick enough to shame almost everything else on the road. Especially in a straight line. And I like that just fine.

Watch the video here:

Quick Stats: BMW X5 M Competition 

Price: R2.4mil

Powertrain: biturbo 4.4l V8 awd,  460kW, 750Nm, automatic 

Performance: 0-100kph in 3.8 seconds, 280kph top speed

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