Ferrari GTC4Lusso in Italy

The Ferrari GTC4Lusso replaces the FF as the prancing horse’s, and indeed the world’s fast four wheel drive hatchback.That’s a V12 engine capable of 507kW and 697Nm of torque, divvied between all four wheels thanks to the brand’s 4RM EVO four-wheel drivetrain

The roads are narrow here, curvaceous as though rendered by Picasso on a bender, dropped from the heavens onto the sort of topography that would make a Tour de France cyclist weep, with stratospheric elevation changes and more hairpins than the contents of a hairdresser’s imitation Gucci hand bag. This is Brunico, a town at the top of Italy – so far north it thinks it’s in Germany. Or is that Austria? In truth it’s practically on the border, where the local beers are German and the greater surrounds are named Kronplatz, a part of the Dolomite mountain range in South Tyrol.

Sorry about the pace, the roads were hardly empty.

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