Driven: Peugeot 2008 SUV

Kelly says “Peugeots have come a long way. If you asked me 10 years ago if I would consider a car from this French manufacturer, I would have either hesitated to answer or I would have said a straight out no.” Oh, how things have changed. Here are her five compelling reasons why you can proudly park a 2008 on your driveway.

  1. Peugeots are lookers 

Take this 2008 SUV for example. It’s a stunning car. Yes, I said stunning. Strong word, right? But it is. Everywhere I drove this vehicle people would stop and stare and I even had a few randoms give me a thumbs up in appreciation of this car. The large black grille, claw-like headlamps, chrome-look lip, blacked out c-pillar and alloy wheels give this Peugeot a sporty and muscular look. The rear is equally as appealing with blacked out taillights and a dual chrome exhaust outlet. To think that just a couple of years ago, you’d have to look really hard to find a Peugeot that makes you look twice. Or stare as hard as this one makes you do. There are three spec levels (Active, Allure and GT) and each one offers a different grille, but each one is equally as sporty looking.

  1. The interiors feel premium

The interior of this 2008 GT Line feels nothing less than premium. With a carbon fibre look to the wrap-around dash, a 3D effect on the instrument cluster, leather seats and an overall luxury feel to the cabin, I easily settled into the driver’s seat and felt as though I was driving a luxury car. It’s not my thing, but there’s mood lighting on the interior on the GT Line that have eight colours that can be picked via the touch screen. This is Peugeot’s 3rd-generation i-Cockpit and it feels every bit as futuristic as it sounds.

  1. Standard spec galore 

Manufacturers like Peugeot (and many others outside of Germany and, to some extent, Japan) have in recent years, gone above and beyond to offer great value in their vehicles. They’re equipping their vehicles with a wide array of standard features and nice-to-haves. The 2008, for example, comes with a touchscreen infotainment system of different sizes depending on the spec level you choose. All are equipped with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay functionality, steering wheel-mounted controls for control of the media system and other aspects of the vehicle, enough USB ports for the whole family (four) if you’re in the top-of-the-range version including a USB-C port. The GT Line model also has wireless charging.

  1. Strong engines 

The 1.2-litre turbocharged petrol unit under the bonnet of this vehicle pushes out 96kW and 230Nm and is mated with a 6-speed automatic transmission. It’s a sprightly little thing that even sounds fiery. There is also a 74kW version of the same unit, which I am sure is a capable engine, but if I’m honest, I thoroughly enjoyed the one we had on test. The drive itself is smooth and the ride quality was truly comfortable. The small steering wheel did take some getting used to as the set up means that the wheel is lower than what I’m used to, but once settled in, I found myself not thinking about it at all and simply enjoying the drive.

  1. Safety is a priority

The 2008 GT Line comes fitted with a number of passive and active safety features including drive assist, adaptive cruise control, park assist, automatic emergency braking,  active warning of involuntary lane crossing (or the roadside), driver warning alert that recommends a break if necessary, automatic switching of high beam in order to have a better focus on the road, active blind-spot monitoring and more.

Should you buy it?
Yes. If you have the money for it and you’re shopping in this segment, please go check out this vehicle. I find it difficult to write about modern vehicles these days because they all feel good, they all feel rather “samey”, but this 2008 feels fun and like it has a whole personality on its own. It’s something that stands out from the crowd. Like I said at the start, Peugeots have come a long way. It’s time you gave the company a shot.

Peugeot 2008 GT Line quick facts:
Power/torque: 96 kW / 230 N.m
Top speed: 198 km/h
0-100km/h: 9.1 seconds
Service plan: 3 Yr / 60 000 km Service Plan
Warranty: 5 Yr / 100 000 km Warranty

Recommended retail price:
2008 SUV ACTIVE 1.2T 75kW MT:  R359 900
2008 SUV ACTIVE PACK  1.2T 96kW (AT): R399 900
2008 SUV ALLURE PACK 1.2T 96kW (AT): R429 900
2008 SUV GT 1.2T 96kW  (AT): R479 900

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